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#1 Performance Management Platform

Studies have shown that companies with engaged employees generate 250% more revenue than companies with low engagement levels. Powered by Business Intelligence and the latest advances in gamification technology, REV delivers enormous value by maximizing employee engagement levels, creating accountability and aligning corporate strategy with daily operations. So ask yourself, is your organization reaching its full potential?

Get Insights

Connect REV to the data that can ultimately drive results. REV helps you organize and visualize your KPI’s strategically in order to drive optimal productivity levels.

Actively Manage

In today’s business, analytics are useless without action. REV provides you the tools in order to take action and ensure organizational goals stay on track.

Drive Engagement

Create visibility and connect your entire organization. REV ensures everyone in your organization is aligned strategically as well as fully engaged.

Process Optimization

REV emphasizes on measuring metrics related to activity, quality, and output in order to integrate and optimize existing organizational processes.

Performance Management Driven By Business Intelligence

While a majority of data driven applications are meant to improve performance, most are built without an understanding of the underlying difference between Performance Management and Business Intelligence. REV creates value at an accelerated rate by applying Business Intelligence to assess, manage, and predict your business while simultaneously promoting the top-down approach of Performance Management through the translation of strategy into key business measures.

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