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    Accelerate Sales Performance through Engagement with REV

Driving High Performing Sales Teams and Maximizing Growth

Accelerate Sales Performance

REV engages users by providing transparency and actionable insights that lead to results.

Measure Performance

Monitor your sales progress and visualize your sales results instantly. REV allows you to take decisive action in oder to achieve your goals.

Drive Engagement

Sales reps who are more motivated and engaged close more deals. REV’s interactive leaderboards and gamification technology allow you to motivate and recognize your sales reps.


REV defines and highlights what activity leads to positive results and creates a repeatable process to achieve your sales goals time and time again.

Drive Sales Performance at All Levels

Create a high performance sales culture by keeping your organization aligned and engaged on activities that ultimately drive results.

For Executives

Align your organization strategically by having your sales managers and reps focus on goals that lead to increased sales performance. REV provides multi-level insight into your sales teams so you can measure performance and course correct before it’s too late.

For Managers

With REV , management receives real time insight on how their reps are performing towards their goals. Give recognition to your top performers and provide guidance to your underachievers.

For Sales Reps

Keep your reps motivated and engaged with real time leaderboards and gamification technology. Your teams can access REV through TV display, web or mobile in oder to get visibility on where they stand.


REV's Performance Optimizing Features

All REV’s sales performance features are available via large TV display, desktop and mobile.

Real-Time Leaderboards

Engage and motivate your sales reps by broadcasting real-time leaderboards.

Goal Tracking

Set and track goals for sales teams and reps in order to stay focused on what matters the most.

Pacing Indicators

Always know whether you are on pace to hit your goals with pacing indicators for sales teams and reps.

Go Head to Head

Compare how you are doing against the field and get insights into how the top producers hit their goals.


Get insight into your sales teams and reps overall performance in real-time. Identify areas of potential improvement before it’s too late.

Interact Socially

Broadcast announcements and keep the competition going with chatter and push notifications.

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