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About Us

Our mission is to make others great at what they do.

REV was born from a very simple but powerful question: how can we help organizations, regardless of size or vertical, leverage their data to maximize their performance potential? After months of research and trial and error, the REV team of engineers struck gold when they combined a never-before seen blend of business intelligence, performance management, and gamification that empowers teams to use data to make better decisions and drive performance higher.


At the heart of the REV philosophy is that the traditional way of managing people is archaic and inefficient. In an increasingly fast-paced and chaotic business environment, employees must be agile and able to make accurate decisions based on the strategy and vision set forth by management. The REV mission is to align managerial strategy and directives with daily operations while simultaneously engaging employees with their work through leading-edge gamification technology. Regardless of how it is applied, whether it be sales acceleration, operational efficiency or any other data-driven use case, REV is designed to help individuals and teams be better at what they do.


Thanks to the dedicated work of our employees and their unique ability to help organizations grow and thrive, REV has enjoyed explosive growth since our founding more than two years ago. We take great pride in using our extensive knowledge and experience in crafting data-driven solutions that help every individual, team, department and organization reach their full performance potential. We invite you to connect with us to learn how we can serve you.

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