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If you still have questions about REV, then feel free to contact us. Our performance management specialists are available to assist you with any questions that you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.
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Data Sources We Connect To

Cloud Software

Enterprise Integrations


And Much More

How We Do It

Software API Integrations

REV allows you to connect and utilize data from applications and tools that your organization uses on a daily basis. Our team has developed connectors to the most widely used software applications in the market. Let us worry about connecting your data and your IT team will thank us later.

HR Software

Task Management Software

And More



REV API Integration
REV Enterprise Integrations

Enterprise Integrations

Organizations spend millions gathering data that is not easily accessible to the decision makers that value the data the most. Our team at REV can help import and visualize that data so that reporting and performance tracking can be done in real time instead of weeks.

Data Warehouses

And More

BI Platforms

Spreadsheet Upload

Still using spreadsheets to capture your data but wish you can use that data to make more informed decisions? REV’s data mapping tool provides organizations the ability to upload your files in just a few easy steps. Now you can visualize and track key metrics across your organization in order to better actively manage your teams.

CSV File Upload

Google Sheets Integration

REV Data Mapping

Getting Started

Start Engaging Your Teams In Just A Few Simple Steps
Define KPI's

Define KPI’s to measure based on organizational strategy. These key metrics will be utilized to calculate your team’s REV Score.

Connect Data

Connect your data source to REV through out-of-the-box CRM and data warehouse connectors, custom integration, or imported spreadsheet.

Contest Configuration

Use REV’s Performance Engine to easily create custom contests based on the KPI targets you set forth. Set the duration to as long or as short as needed.

Track Behaviors

Once you’ve connected your data and defined targets and KPIs you’re ready to monitor performance and react to areas in need of improvement.

Still have questions? Contact us to learn more about our data connectors.