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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions we hear a lot.

If you can’t find an answer to your question below, feel free to contact us.

Why should I choose REV over something like a Business Intelligence tool?

REV can serve as an augmentation to a Business Intelligence (BI) tool and at times a replacement for it.  If your organization isn’t ready to go full scale BI, REV is a flexible and easy to implement solution that can solve multiple functional areas within a business.  If your organization already has a BI tool, REV can help augment it by allowing for more speed to solutions than a typical BI system, with less technical know-how needed than a BI tool.  Additionally, the cost of BI licenses can be anywhere from 5-10x the cost of a REV license.

What's the difference between REV and a BI Dashboard?

REV is a guided experience that allows for re-usability of the front end view that minimizes cost to support and develop (one reason why we can keep REV so affordable and scalable).  This guided experience allows for rapid implementation and roll-out and helps increase adoption with users.  A BI dashboard is more of a freeform type build that can be completely custom but also comes with increased costs in both time and money to develop, implement, and maintain.  Additionally, REV has a variety of capabilities that allow for enhanced decision management and employee engagement.

Which verticals do you have customers in?

We currently have customers utilizing REV for sales acceleration and operational efficiency in the HVAC, Professional Services, and Franchise Management industries.  REV is capable of handling multiple use cases across verticals since most organizations have sales they would like to improve upon and costs they would like to reduce.

Do I need IT to handle administration of the platform?

REV passes the “Mom” test.  We asked multiple employees mothers to test the system out and see if they were able to create users, teams, and contests and all passed the test!  No employees were harmed in this experiment.

Can I use excel data in REV?

Absolutely!  Through the use of our manual data uploader or even by connecting Google Docs up to REV, there are multiple ways to get data into the REV platform that are quick and easy to do.

What does REV cost?

$25 per user per month is our basic license structure.  This will give access to everything REV can do on mobile and web.  No contract, no commitment, let us prove to you how well REV can drive performance at your organization.  For enterprise sales please speak to a representative.

Is there any type of service engagement required to get started?

Nope.  We will onboard you and get you up and going as quick as possible with no service engagement requirement.  Custom integrations may require a small engagement but our goal is to make REV as self service as possible to drive success for organizations with ease.

What support options do I have once I am a customer?

REV has a built in ‘ticket system’ where users can log feature requests or pose questions they may have.  Additionally, for organizations that may need additional help finding new ways to use their data to drive results, REV has partnered with professional services organizations that can offer additional assistance.

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For general questions regarding product features, data integrations, or pricing please feel free to contact us at info@Revapp.io


Do you have technical questions regarding REV? If you need specific documentation to better understand REV feel free to submit a request here.


If you are an existing customer and require support please submit a request to our help desk and our support team will be happy to help. Submit support ticket here.

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